With the objective of making PDT accessible to all patients with non-melanoma skin cancer and its precursors, this form of therapy is a central topic of corporate communications. 
Biofrontera offers doctors the necessary fundamental knowledge in theory and practice of PDT via an e-learning tool on an in-house platform. This virtual training is supported by certified training workshops on PDT, which are regularly held in the form of regional face-to-face events. Biofrontera holds its own annual training workshop in Germany, in which renowned experts and new users deepen their practical knowledge of this treatment method. This offer is complemented by the presentation and discussion of current research results as well as Biofrontera's participation in dermatological congresses and medical events worldwide. 

Biofrontera supports doctors in the organization of their practices and provides billing assistance, e.g. when reporting an occupational disease and compiling the report on skin cancer. 

As a research-driven company, Biofrontera is committed to contributing to the advancement of modern medical science with innovative projects and ideas. With this in mind, the company supports researchers, universities and study centers in the initiation, financing and management of studies without commercial interest, so-called Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs). These trials are an important element in further optimizing the application of PDT and improving the care of patients with curable indications.


Outstanding customer relations

Trusting and long-term customer relationships are essential for Biofrontera.

A variety of activities and events help to set the company apart from the market environment as well as to strengthen the loyalty of doctors and medical professionals to the company and its brands. As a small market player, Biofrontera can benefit from a special customer proximity and a deep understanding of the customer.