AMELUZ® - medicinal product

Ameluz® is Biofrontera’s first prescription drug. Further information is available on the webpage of the European Medicines Agency.



PDT-lamp series

BF-RhodoLED® is a lamp for photodynamic therapy (PDT) with LEDs emitting red light at an average wavelength of 635 nm. This wavelength is perfectly suited for the illumination in PDT with medicines containing ALA. BF-RhodoLED® has been CE-certified, which enables marketing throughout the entire EU.

BF-RhodoLED® is unique in that it has an adjustable fan and allows to modify the light intensity at a constant light dose. This renders the generally 10-minute PDT illumination most comfortable for the patient.



The new, larger RhodoLED® XL was approved in combination with Ameluz® for the treatment of mild and moderate actinic keratoses on the face and scalp, which corresponds to the current approval of Ameluz®. The new PDT lamp enables the illumination of larger areas, enabling the simultaneous treatment of several actinic keratoses distant from each other.




belixos® - cosmetic product

belixos® is a modern active cosmetic product specially developed for sensitive and irritated skin. Biofrontera's patented biocolloid technology, which optimizes epidermal penetration, makes the products unique: pure herbal biocolloids combine with medicinal plant extracts to form an extraordinary combination of active ingredients with a proven depth effect. The belixos® series includes the following products: belixos® ACTIVE CARE, belixos® Liquid and belixos® Protect.

Detailed information about our active cosmetic series can be found here.