Biofrontera has advanced the administration form of the active ingredient 5-ALA in its drug: 
In traditional formulations, the active ingredient is unstable. With the help of the patented nanoemulsion, Biofrontera has succeeded, both in stabilizing the sensitive active ingredient and in improving its delivery deep into the skin.

As a result, a product with unique properties was created. Biofrontera's pioneering nanoemulsion technology is also the key to the development of new products. It can be used for the formulation of various active ingredients and has the potential to increase the clinical efficacy of known or new substances by improving stability and skin penetration.

New pharmaceutical products based on nanoemulsion technology could usefully expand Biofrontera's product portfolio in the future.


Patented nanoemulsion is the key technology

With its patented nanoemulsion, Biofrontera has access to a pioneering technology that makes the pharmaceutical company a valuable cooperation partner in dermatology. Strategic cooperations offer the opportunity to create value by developing additional products to complement Biofrontera's own pipeline.