Biofrontera is committed to the treatment of various forms of non-melanoma skin cancer, such as actinic keratosis, field cancerization and basal cell carcinoma. Over the past 10 years, Biofrontera has acquired comprehensive know-how in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT): 
This state-of-the-art form of therapy enables an effective and selective removal of sun-induced skin damage while preserving healthy skin and providing excellent cosmetic results. Biofrontera's flagship drug is approved for PDT in Europe and the USA. It has been successfully tested in collaboration with a large number of academic and clinical research institutions in clinical trials phases I to III with regard to safety and efficacy and has been successively adapted to patient needs. 

There is considerable demand for an efficacious therapy to treat actinic keratoses. Sun-induced skin damage is extensive, bringing lesion-directed therapy methods such as curettage and cryotherapy to their limits. Biofrontera has successfully addressed many of these previously unavailable treatment options in its clinical development programs: 

For example, patients now have access to effective field therapy with a preventive nature as a treatment option. 

In addition to the detection of already visibly pathologically mutated skin cells, early forms of the disease that cannot be seen yet can also be treated preventatively. Until recently, lesions could only be treated with PDT on the head, as no clinical data were available for other body regions. 
However, sun damage occurs on all sun-exposed areas of the body and is not limited to the head area. Biofrontera now offers a solution to this in the future. In Europe, treatment of the extremities, trunk and neck are now also possible. Daylight PDT will enable doctors' practices with limited equipment to perform effective therapy. While conventional PDT in Germany has so far only been reimbursed by private health insurance companies, daylight PDT is now covered by public health insurance. 
In the future, the optimization of PDT will continue to be an essential part of Biofrontera's research. The goal is to fully exploit the potential of PDT and help this form of therapy achieve a worldwide breakthrough.


Proven experts in PDT

With consistency, Biofrontera conducts sustainable and comprehensive research to optimize the market potential of its drug.

This includes all important aspects - beginning with the molecular basis, continuing with the pharmaceutical dosage form and ending with the clinical application.