Ameluz® is Biofrontera’s first prescription drug. Further information is available on the webpage of the European Medicines Agency


BF-RhodoLED®is a lamp for photodynamic therapy (PDT) with LEDs emitting red light at an average wavelength of 635 nm. This wavelength is perfectly suited for the illumination in PDT with medicines containing ALA. BF-RhodoLED® has been CE-certified, which enables marketing throughout the entire EU.

BF-RhodoLED® is unique in that it has an adjustable fan and allows to modify the light intensity at a constant light dose. This renders the generally 10-minute PDT illumination most comfortable for the patient.


Belixos® is a modern active cosmetic product specially developed for sensitive and irritated skin. The products are based on an innovative formulation deriving from natural biocolloids and traditional medicinal plant extracts adjusted to the particular requirements of problematic skin conditions.

Belixos® Creme and Körpercreme ("body cream") contain active plant substances and were developed for the regenerative care of inflamed, itchy and flaky skin, such as with local itching, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Belixos® LIQUID reduces the itching and dandruff on stressed scalp, and restores related balance. The zinc PCA complex, which is very tolerable for the skin, regulates sebum formation, and Mahonia and oats calm the skin, providing a rich care.

Belixos® GEL is a special cosmetic formulation for skin that is inflamed, reddened and prone to skin blemishes, providing an effective treatment for rosacea – with or without skin blemishes – and acne.

Belixos® PROTECT was developed specifically for daily skin protection against UV-related damage. It contains concentrated niacinamide, which helps protect the skin against, and repair, UV damage. It stimulates collagen formation and reduces the typical signs of early skin ageing. Belixos® Protect provides optimal care for mature skin that has already suffered sun damage. To protect against new sun-induced damage, Belixos® Protect contains organic factor-15 UVA and UVB filters, which are tolerable for the skin and are sufficient for normal daily use, providing protection for the skin without burdening it with excessive light-protection filters. In daily use, Belixos® Protect helps protect the skin against early, light-induced ageing.

Detailed information about our active cosmetic series can be found here.